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Producers and Farms

Dream of Ice Logo.jpg
Dream of Ice
Jungle Brothers.jpg
Jungle Brothers, Basel

A large ice cream assortment straight from the region. Dream of Ice is a small regional factory. They produce their natural ice cream in Allschwil. In doing so, they collaborate with farmers they know.

The delicious ice cream is largely handmade by Christian Burget and his team.

Find out more at Dream of Ice.

The organic farm is located on a hill above Kleinlützel and is run by the 3rd and 4th generation. The farm manages an area of 60 hectares, has 30 dairy cows, 15 breeding cattle, and 4 Valais Blacknose sheep. They grow a wide variety of crops on their arable land.

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Klötzli's Freshbox

The Kombucha from the Jungle Brothers in Basel comes in three different varieties: Nature, with ginger, and with pomegranate. The Kombucha from the microbrewery is something very special. It is handmade by Simon Geering. You can try the three varieties with us.

Find out more at Jungle Brothers Kombucha.
Farmer Fritz,
Rickenbach, LU
Tempeh aus Liestal.png
Tempeh Bagus, Liestal
Samuel's Spritzer,

Whole grain flour, white flour,

additional grain products, and cold-pressed sunflower and rapeseed oil come directly from Farmer Fritz in Rickenbach. The farm is located near Lake Hallwil on the border between Aargau and Lucerne. The organic products are produced directly on the farm in small quantities and hand-packed.

Find out more at

Farmer Fritz

Tempeh is made from fermented legumes and is a natural specialty from Indonesia/Malaysia. Stephanie Luttringer produces this with her partner in Liestal. The tempeh is made from Swiss organic soybeans and lupines. It is a perfect vegan protein source and a tasty alternative even for non-vegans.

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Tempeh Bagus

Almost all of the spritzers are made based on aromatic organic teas (such as peppermint, orange blossom, and rosehip tea). In the next step, the teas are mixed with direct juices and lightly carbonated. Thanks to our special method of carbonation, Samuel's Spritzer is fizzy but with very fine bubbles, which makes it very palatable and optimally supports the flavor development of Samuel's Spritzer.

Find out more at

Samuel's Spritzer

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Tuyu Tofu.jpg
Tuyu Tofu, Basel

Biopartner is the leading wholesaler for organic products and comes from north-west Switzerland. For many years they have been committed to sustainable and livelihood agriculture.

Find out more at organic partners

Milchhüsli beider Basel.png
KÄZ Milchhüsli, Allschwil

PHAG was founded in Basel in 1895 and is one of the pioneers of the reform movement. Today they supply a large number of reform houses and health food stores with a wide range of products.

Find out more at PHAG.

Luxenhof, Baerschwil

Tuyu Tofu comes from the Basel region and produces delicious tofu and miso paste exclusively from Swiss soybeans. They also focus on short transport distances and sustainable packaging.

Find out more at Tuyu Tofu

Lindenhof, Breitenbach

In the former milk house in Allschwil, milk from the region is processed once again. At the Milchhüsli beider Basel, various hard, semi-hard, and soft cheeses, yogurt, cream, unhomogenized pasteurized milk, ricotta, butter, and more are created.

FInd out more at KAEZ.

Vital Speisehaus.png
Vital Speisehaus, Dornach

Traditional Vital Speisehaus Bakery recipes and their loving implementation are the secret behind the delicious organic baked goods and Demeter breads from the Speisehaus in Dornach. All products are organic or Demeter certified and subject to strict control.

The breads from the traditional bakery are still handmade.

Find out more at Vital Speisehaus

The Himmelsbach family manages about 30 hectares of land according to organic guidelines. The largest portion is grassland for feed production for their animals. They make yogurt and quark from the milk themselves. In addition, they produce their own flour and various types of pasta.

Find out more at Luxenhof.

Feld zu Tisch, Basel

Whether it's green asparagus from Oberbaselbiet, tofu made from Therwil beans, or strawberries from Fricktal – FELD ZU TISCH delivers regional food from small-scale, resource-conserving agriculture to restaurant kitchens and supermarket shelves. We have been working with them since the beginning and are members of the network's cooperative.

Find out more at Feld zu Tisch.

At the Lindenhof in Breitenbach, the Lindenberger family, now in its third generation, raises cows and 200 free-range laying hens, supplying Bioflix with eggs and other goods.

FInd out more at Lindenhof

proxy-image 1.jpg
ArboVitis, Frick

ArboVitis specializes in tall-trunk fruit cultivation with a focus on species promotion.

They manage an area of 13 hectares in Fricktal, mainly consisting of extensive meadows with tall-trunk orchards and 52 ares of vines.

They produce their own vinegar, fruit juice, dried fruit, as well as wine and schnapps.

Find out more at ArboVitis.

Löwenbrot, Basel
Alpahirt Logo.png
Alpahirt, Fürstenau
Zappa & Lotta, Basel

100% sourdough bread baked directly in Basel - that's what Löwenbrot stands for.

The breads are handcrafted by Leon Weidmüller and his team at the Aktienmühl.

Löwenbrot collaborates with regional producers from Blauen or Dittingen.

Find out more at Löwenbrot.

Alpahirt comes from Graubünden and has the vision to shape the ongoing meat revolution and demonstrate that meat can be something "good." As long as it is produced responsibly, sustainably, and with the best intentions for animal welfare, meat is incredibly healthy, very environmentally friendly, and simply delicious.

They use no concentrated feed, no curing salt, and no additives.

Find out more at Alpahirt.

Einst begann die Idee Cantucci zu backen als Hobby und der authentischen Begeisterung für Tüfteleien und neuen Geschmackserlebnissen. Ein paar Jahre später ist Symbiose zwischen der traditionellen italienischen Cantucci-Rezeptur und den neuen Geschmacksvarianten, die entweder durch frische Früchte oder Gewürze und Blüten couragiert bereichert wurden, perfektioniert.


MaederHonig, Therwil
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 16-35-06 Baroo Home - Baroo Solid Cosmetics.png
Baroo, Basel
Edition Dunkel, Riehen

Dieser Bio-zertifizierte Honig wird nach der Ernte direkt ins Glas abgefüllt und kristallisiert aus. Bis zum Verkauf wird der Honig kühl, trocken und dunkel gelagert. So bleibt die Qualität dieses Naturprodukts optimal erhalten. Die Bienen der Imkerei leben an verschiedenen Standorten in der Region, in Pfeffingen, Therwil, Biel-Benken, Münchenstein und Blauen.


Baroo steht für vegane Naturkosmetik in fester Form – handmade in Basel. Ein festes Shampoo ersetzt zwei bis drei Flüssigprodukte und enthält nur hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe. Plastik, Sulfate, Parabene und Silikone sind hingegen ebenso tabu, wie Tierversuche. Alle Bars sind natürlich biologisch abbaubar.


In Kleinauflagen entstehen Unter dem Label «edition dunkel» hochwertige Destillate aus biologisch kultivierten Zutaten und zertifizierter Wildsammlung.
Die Kreationen von edition dunkel zeichnen sich aus durch ungewöhnliche Geschmackskombinationen und Aromatik.


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