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Our Mission

Our idea is to create a place where locally and sustainably produced products are accessible.

We want to keep the doors open for you as long as possible.


We want to be a convenient option for individuals who work long hours or have irregular schedules and struggle to find fresh, locally sourced food.

Even a freshly baked cake should no longer fail due to missing ingredients. Greater flexibility in shopping opportunities is offered.

It is important to us that the distance our products travel from the production site to the Bioflix location is short. This provides a marketing platform for farmers and producers from the region and can contribute to a more sustainable food consumption.

Customer contact and neighborhood networking are also important to us. For this reason, we are often present as a point of contact at Bioflix. Our whiteboard on site, as well as contact forms, allow us to receive feedback from members of the Bioflix association at any time on our range of products, product requests, and other aspects related to Bioflix.

The idea of Bioflix is simple.

After registering on our website, members have the opportunity to open the door and supply themselves through a digital access system.

At Bioflix, the food is selected, weighed, and paid for directly at the self-checkout counter.

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